3.5 Litre - Sticky Trap Horse Fly Glue - Insect Trap - Paint On DIY Homemade Insect Trap

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Sticky Trap is the horsefly glue that is used in glue traps. The horsefly glue is specially developed for catching horseflies, hornets, midges, mosquitoes and other bloodsucking insects. The basis of the recipe originates from the US and is used all over the world to catch aggressive insects.

The Sticky Trap glue is transparent, stays sticky for a long time (8-16 weeks), is environmentally friendly and by special design there is very little catch of non-aggressive insects such as butterflies.
The glue is used in combination with a dark object, preferably one that moves, such as a bucket on a rope or a special horsefly-ball.
For indoor insects such as house flies a white surface is preferred.
Once the surface treated with Sticky Trap glue is covered in pests they can simply be scraped off and a new layer of glue applied.
The Sticky Trap glue is rainproof and is effective for 8-16 weeks.

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