Bojo White Kit Trim Removal Tool Kit Snap Off / On Trim Tools

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Brand New Tool Kit by BOJO USA (Latest Specification)

Moulded in San Jose, California, USA


BOJO are the original innovators of these tools and any other manufacturers are copies! (and not good copies at that)


5 tools and 10 unique tips!


All 5 tools are the standard NGL glass-filled nylon material which most of the kits you see on the market (by Bojo) are made from.


Tips included as pictured:


Tool 1: ATH-1-4-NGL-DE

Tip 1: Universal wedging pry tool useful for most prying applications.

 Tip 4: Badge Puller, Panel Lifter, useful for lifting items to make a gap to fit another pry tool in.

Tool 2: ATH-4H-26-NGL-DE

Tip 4H: New tool, slightly smaller version of Tip 4 designed for Honeywell, useful to lift more intricate items.

Tip 26: Button Pry, great for interior light removal or any slotted holed piece where most people will use a screwdriver.

Tool 3: ATH-6-19-NGL-DE

Tip 6: Wedge Pry, tough wide wedge for bringing larger pieces apart.

Tip 19: Wide Angled Pry Tool, great wide wedge where a larger area tool is needed.

Tool 4: ATH-3-7-NGL-DE

Tip 3: Grommet Remover, designed for the removal of grommets.

Tip 7: Flat Forked Pry, great for use on shallow or larger grommets.

Tool 5: ATH-2-50-NGL-DE

Tip 2: Sticker/Gasket Scraper, great for taking off badges, glue, tar etc and also useful for prying.

Tip 50: Flat Pry Bar, great for prying at angles where a twisting motion will aid removal better.


This is the best value universal kit on the market.

Great for aiding the removal of all interior and exterior trim on your vehicle, with the chances of damage minimised greatly.

Also useful for removing radio's, cages, and even in your engine bay







Avoid cheap copies and imitations, buy the original and best, Bojo!


"Better In Plastic, Best By BOJO"

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