BOJO ATH-55-10mm-XNGL Fused Spur Puller + 10mm Non-Sparking Spanner Tip 55

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Tip 55+10mm: Fused Spur Puller + 10mm Non-Sparking Spanner designed specifically for British Gas

This tool is also useful in the automotive industry as the 10mm spanner works on car battery terminals and after loosening safely Tip 55 can be used to pry up the terminals without having to touch anything.

This tool eliminates the risk of shorting a car battery to the bodywork of a car and risking damage to expensive components.


Brand New Tool by BOJO USA

Moulded in San Jose, California, USA


XNGL: 50% glass filled nylon, the strongest material available on the retail market. For use on very tough plastics or on any type of metal.




Avoid cheap copies and imitations, buy the original and best, Bojo!

"Better In Plastic, Best By BOJO"

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