BOJO Ultimate Pro 7 Piece Trim Removal Tool Kit Snap On / Off Trim

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BOJO Ultimate Pro 7 Piece Tool Kit
The kit is perfect for car trim removal with 7 all unique tips using the BOJO XNGL material.
Includes tips: ATH-1,2,3,4,5,6+7-XNGL. 
All available to see in the BOJO product catalogue here: 


Tip 1: Universal wedging pry tool useful for most prying applications.


Tip 2: Sticker/Gasket Scraper, great for taking off badges, glue, tar etc and also useful for prying.


Tip 3: Grommet Remover, designed for the removal of grommets.


Tip 4: Badge Puller, Panel Lifter, useful for lifting items to make a gap to fit another pry tool in.

Tip 5: Large Grommet Remover, designed for the removal of larger grommets.


Tip 6: Wedge Pry, tough wide wedge for bringing larger pieces apart.


Tip 7: Flat Forked Pry, great for use on shallow or larger grommets.










The quality professionals choice!
Don't forget this kit is an investment, it will save you money when it comes to not breaking/damaging interior plastic and trims!

Avoid cheap copies and imitations, buy the original and best, Bojo!

Application videos available:

"Better in plastic, best by BOJO"
Clever Products are authorised UK distributors of BOJO tools.

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