BOJO Blue Genius Tip 2 ATH-2-NGL Sticker Removal Trim TOOL Snap Off / On Trim

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Brand New Tool BOJO USA

Moulded in San Jose, California, USA

BOJO are the original innovators of these tools and any other manufacturers are copies! (and not good copies at that)

Tip 2: Sticker/Gasket Scraper, great for taking off badges, glue, tar etc and also useful for prying.


NGL: 15% glass filled nylon, standard Bojo specification strength, perfect for not damaging other plastics.



Great for aiding the removal of all interior and exterior trim on your vehicle, with the chances of damage minimised greatly.


Also useful for removing radio's, cages, and even in your engine bay.




Avoid cheap copies and imitations, buy the original and best, Bojo!


"Better In Plastic, Best By BOJO"

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